December 6, 2010 – A new web application has been launched in beta to provide a resource for journalists, editors, etc. to quickly access press releases. PRFilter ranks the relevance to the user based on a profile of their interests built automatically from their own articles. Further filtering on the ranked results makes it easy to find the most relevant stories.

We found this information on Real Wire in their article, “New technology PRFilter launched to find relevant press releases.” The system can even learn from user feedback on the press releases it recommends, building more accurate results for the future.

This standalone application has been tested by a group of journalists with promising results. The process of cutting the clutter and delivering the news they want and filtering out what they don’t appears to be a hit. It is also beneficial for PR professionals as it increases the chance their press release will come before more eyes.

It is nice to see this semantic technology being used in this manner.

Melody K. Smith

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