January 14, 2011 – On his blog last week, David Kellogg made his announcement of leaving his 6-year tenure as Chief Executive Officer at MarkLogic. He leaves a proud list of accomplishments for his time as CEO, such as acquiring over 200 enterprise customers, growing annual revenues at a 75% CAGR, raising $27.5M in venture capital, and growing the company from 40 to over 230 employees.

In the post title, “You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello”,  it seems he is looking forward to the new, but currently unknown, challenges that lie ahead.

So where does this leave MarkLogic? He stated that the parting was amicable and they (the board and he) have been working for several months to ensure a smooth transition. Kellogg also believes he is leaving the company in a position of strength, having exceeded the 2010 revenue plan targets and with nearly $20M cash in the bank. Okay, that helps. However, we do wait, like everyone else, for word of new leadership for this company.

Melody K. Smith

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