January 11, 2011 – F+W Media have partnered to create a new online venture, NetPlaces.com, which pairs F+W’s content and eCommerce engine with the About.com platform.

Publishers Weekly brought this interesting news to our attention in their article, “F+W Media Partners with About.com for New Web Venture.” The content from F+W’s Everything series of books is being used to populate the content of the web site. By using excerpts and full passages from the titles, optimizing for SEO, and categorizing/creating a taxonomy based on the library of approximately 300 Everything titles, NetPlaces.com will drive users to F+W’s online bookstore for book purchases. 

Let’s hope they choose the right technology to built that taxonomy so their information is findable. In today’s world, no business can afford not to make their website and published content as findable as possible.

Melody K. Smith

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