January 18, 2011 – hakia’s latest attempt to leave their mark online comes in the form of SENSEnews, an online service able to provide insight into the value of stocks relative to their current prices.

We found information on EverythingPR in their post, “SENSEnews Knows How Online Content Affects Stock Prices.” SENSEnews is the creation of hakia founder Dr. Riza Berkan and the late Dr. Pentti Kouri. The first of its kind, SENSEnews illustrates how online news and social media content affect stock prices. The value of SENSEnews for businesses and investors is unknown at this point.

Previous attempts to compete with the big boys of search by promising semantic search solutions akin to artificial intelligence have largely gone unnoticed. Web pages are analyzed with hakia’s proprietary core semantic technology called QDEX to deliver results based on meaning rather than search term popularity. Although there are many benefits to this technology, hakia has failed to convince and to convert users, though it is still active.

SENSEnews is their way of saying “hey, we’re still here”. It will be interesting to see how this PR focused technology will develop and catch on with users.

Melody K. Smith

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