January 18, 2011 – Even with the explosion of information, we continue to find that piece of information that we are looking for – with plenty of room left to store data, pictures, music, and video. Is this because of the cloud storage? Some don’t think so.

We found this interesting article on Sys-Con Media titled, “Information Explosion – So What?” The author points out three other status quos that have allowed practically limitless information storage. The first is that storage cost is lower than ever, and has come down at about the same rate as the rate of increase of the data volume.

Improvement in search technology falls second on that list. Google gets much of the credit for that one. And third on the list is multi-factor knowledge acquisition. By adapting our ability to gather bits and pieces of information from a variety of sources and then build our understanding on that information, i.e. the beginnings of semantic technology, it increases the value of the knowledge and the space it occupies.

Melody K. Smith

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