February 21, 2011 – Alteryx is enhancing the DemographicsNow business intelligence platform with web wizards that will easily allow businesses to add geo-location and spatial dimensions to business intelligence and analytics solutions.

We found this news on Integration Developer News in their article, “Alteryx Powers Location-Based BI with Wizards, Cloud and Data Indexing.” Alteryx provides location-based dimension to business intelligence without requiring specialized programming skills. Customers looking for location-based business intelligence want better ways to bring analytics into current enterprise software, such as Business Process Management and event CEP (Complex Event Processing.). 

“There is a big shift going on from the world of stack vendors and long development cycles to a more iterative and responsive approach to business intelligence,” Stoecker told IDN. “Mobile users don’t always just want the same type of dashboard on their iPad,” Stoecker added. “Users are actually seeing that data about where things and people are located are important parts of decision-making.”

Melody K. Smith

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