February 8, 2011 – Publishing Technology is continuing an eleven-year-old partnership with Dutch academic publisher BRILL. This will include an upgrade to its online hosting solution to the pub2web platform.

We found this interesting piece of news on PRLog in their release, “BRILL extends partnership with new pub2web site.” The hope is that the new website will become a reliable resource for students, researchers, and teachers. Discovery and delivery of online content has never been more important; making that process smoother calls for use of the latest semantic web technologies.

Louise Tutton, Chief Operating Officer of Publishing Technology’s Online Services Division, comments:

“With users looking beyond the traditional content wrappers of “journals” and “books”, instead seeking content which is relevant and authoritative within their field regardless of whether it is an article or chapter, BRILL is a prime example of a publisher looking to respond to user demand by tailoring their online platform to the changing needs of their audience.“

There is no end to where semantic technology will take us. At least we hope not.

Melody K. Smith

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