February 22, 2011 – Universal search – useful tool for making Web searches more contextual or too complex for overall search engine optimization? Getting a good ranking in universal search results can help boost a company’s overall search visibility and brand awareness, but many b2b marketers aren’t taking advantage of it. Why?

We found this interesting topic on B to B Online in their article, ‘Succeeding with universal search.” Because universal search is so dynamic that identical searches just hours apart can net different results, even those marketers doing a good job at optimizing on-site assets may end up being shut out of universal search listings because, as with websites, the results are dependent on inbound links and overall reach.

However, it is important to realize that each strategy has a different execution process. Google treats images differently than it treats video, and it treats video differently than it treats Web content. There are tactics you can apply to improve your chances of reaching a high ranking and many search engine optimization gurus will be able to provide that service. This particular article suggests five tips to boost your own universal search. Check them out.

Making your own information findable depends on quality indexing against a solid standards based taxonomy. There are no shortcuts to this process.

Melody K. Smith

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