February 11, 2011 – SyndicIT has completed a seamless integration with DocuSign’s electronic signature service. Now SyndicIT provides end-to-end document processing from creation to signature and ultimately, cloud-based digital storage.

We found this news on PR.com in their post, ‘SyndicIT Services Corporation Chooses DocuSign Electronic Signature Service for Signing Leases and Contracts in the Multihousing Industry.” This secure cloud-based storage eliminates the costs and risks associated with using and storing paper files. A desktop ‘drag and drop’ avatar called Syndi ensures that all documents are captured, monitored, properly handled and filed.

Capturing data, digitally indexing that data, and ultimately storing it securely – all seamlessly – is a worthy accomplishment. However, it is always important to entrust your data to professionals who adhere to industry standards and uses technology that makes your content findable. After all, what is the point of having information if you can’t access it?

Melody K. Smith

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