March 17, 2011 – The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has taken to the clouds as part of their new technology strategy to improve value for money and provide increased flexibility.

We found this bit of news on Computer Weekly in their article, “BBC commits to the cloud.” The corporation is looking to deploy several aspects of cloud migration, including software-as-a-service for improved third-party collaboration in broadcast and production; platform-as-a-service to develop test environments; and infrastructure-as-a-service for future use of burst capacity for when the service becomes overloaded.

“The strategy will help align and inform a number of other strategies, such as virtualisation, storage etc, such that the creation of a private BBC ‘B-Cloud’ of capabilities will be possible, while also supporting the future and longer-term adoption of public cloud offerings as the external market matures,” says the BBC plan.

Integration seems to the focus for their content production and enterprise systems. We hope they adopt some metadata standards at the very least, to help them achieve their strategic goals.

Melody K. Smith