March 11, 2011 – We’ve all heard the saying “knowledge is power.” This tends to exist within a silo-centric environment. However, great leaders realize that controlling knowledge diminishes value, while releasing knowledge creates value.

This interesting topic was found on Blogging Innovation in their post, ”Leadership and Knowledge Management.” At least that is what this blogger shared as he suggested three ways leaders become successful in the efficient and effective distribution of knowledge across the enterprise.

He defines knowledge management as “an organization’s ability to collect and convert data into information, turn information into knowledge, and knowledge into an operating advantage.” He further suggested that you can harness disparate elements of data and information and convert them into corporate knowledge assets to create a sustainable competitive advantage, or not. The other can lead to employees – and maybe more importantly,  information – leaving for the competitor.

This is an interesting article, with interesting thoughts; worth the read.

Melody K. Smith

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