March 25, 2011 – A SaaS social learning company, Jambok, is being acquired by SuccessFactors, whose ultimate goal is to make employees productive.

In PRNewswire’s release, “3.0 Social Learning, Video Mobile Platform Acquisition by SuccessFactors,” they refer to Jambok customers, NIKE, Mitsubishi, and Reuters as prime examples of how together, Jambok-SuccessFactors will allow any employee to immediately capture and accelerate business execution opportunities in a mobile social learning video.

“I personally found it easier than YouTube, and with the Social Learning platform it feels like a killer app for businesses to accelerate learning content and dissemination,” said Lars Dalgaard, CEO and founder of SuccessFactors.

The ability to tap into the informal learning that happens on the job is limited, and the power of user-generated content remains untapped. With this acquisition, SuccessFactors comes even closer to defining the next generation of results-oriented learning for organizations.

Melody K. Smith