March 8, 2011 – The internet is a resource that is used in so many different ways, i.e. news distribution, research data, social networking, etc. For some of us, we also use it as a cookbook – or at least access to virtual cookbooks containing the recipes we seek. Google has added a new feature to its search engine that helps in that endeavor: Recipe View.

PCWorld brought this tasty piece of news to our attention in their article, “Google Makes it Easier to Get Cooking.” Recipe View lets you pull up results that show only recipes; then you can filter those results by ingredients, preparation time, and calories, using options in Google’s left-hand toolbar. Just filtering your search to results with recipes – instead of restaurant menus, catering options, and mouth-watering photos that have no instructions on how to recreate – is a huge step forward.

Not every recipe on the Web will be part of the site. Much like electronic books joining the party late to e-readers, proprietors will need to code their recipe pages appropriately for Google to understand the recipes’ details.

Filtering search results to focus in on the results you want, without all the noise, is a worthy goal and a product I will certainly check out.

Melody K. Smith

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