According to the public relations department of the Open Treasury for Islamic Manuscripts, courses on indexing manuscripts for digital libraries will be held according to a joint agreement among seven specialized centers. Upon completion, the participants will be granted a diploma endorsed by the centers.

We found this more than interesting piece of news on the Iran Book News Agency website in their post, “Courses of indexing manuscripts to be held.”

The educational courses are being held in cooperation with the Open Treasury for Islamic Manuscripts, the Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia (CGIE), the library and document center of Iran’s Parliament, The Grand Library of the Great Ayat Allah Marashi Najafi, SAVAMA in Mali’s Timbuktu, the Kashifalgetaa Institute in Najaf, and Mauritania’s Scientific Research Institute. Courses include codicology, graphology, manuscript components, bookbinding, and illustration as well as study of texts.

Melody K. Smith