The paint is barely dry on the closed sign for Q&A start-up PeerPong, but competitor Formspring has already picked up PeerPong CEO Ro Choy to serve as its COO, as well as a few other former PeerPong employees.

All Things Digital brought this news to our attention in their article, “Formspring Absorbs What’s Left of Q&A Competitor PeerPong: The People.” Formspring did not acquire PeerPong, who used semantic technology to find and index over 5,000,000 people by their knowledge and expertise in social media. They had reported they were experimenting with a new service called Rendezvous that uses that semantic technology to analyze Facebook profiles, but apparently that didn’t work out.

In contrast, Formspring says that as of this week users of its service will have submitted three billion answers to each other’s questions.

Melody K. Smith