April 4, 2011 – How are the semantic web, the mobile web, and the immersive Internet changing the way we learn and deliver learning? One author takes on that question and addresses how roles have changed in the process.

This interesting topic was inspired by ASTD (the American Society for Training & Development) and their article, “Better, Smarter, Faster : Web 3.0 and the Future of Learning.” The growing and central role of technology in organizational learning is a bittersweet role. With technologies evolving to an unknown end, what used to be cutting edge, e.g. online learning, is yesterday’s news. There is general consensus that a fundamental shift in how we interact with the web is taking place. Standards are continuously being created to make web-based data and information smarter. Immersive and virtual environments are becoming richer, more complex, and especially more relevant to the business of learning.

What are your thoughts on learning, training and the new Web?

Melody K. Smith