We reported on IEEE’s collaboration with Access Innovations awhile back, but couldn’t help pointing out an interview they did explaining their project that actually began in 2006.

This interview was found on Media Business in their article, “IEEE’s new way to Xplore.” Adam Philippidis, IEEE manager of indexing and database production, explained what factors drove them to update the and apply a new indexing system to a database of about 2.1 million IEEE records that make up 74% of its Xplore Digital Database. “We wanted to be able to be able to characterize our content in our own way. Our thesaurus is based on technology, and there is a fair-sized component based on the organization that we represent,” said Philippidis. “We’re not just looking at a document and saying what it is about, but we’re taking into account if the document is valuable, for example, to the aerospace society.”

Access Innovations worked with IEEE to update their thesaurus in stage one. Once the thesaurus and taxonomy were set up, stage two was reindexing all the IEEE content using automatic indexing. When all is said and done, it will make the documents easier for people to locate. Findability – isn’t that what we are all working toward.

Melody K. Smith

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