Northern Light has introduced new coordinating capabilities for its SinglePoint enterprise strategic research portals and Microsoft SharePoint sites on a company’s intranet. This move expands an organization’s ability to leverage market research, competitive intelligence and other strategic documents.

PRNewsWire brought this topic to our attention in their article, “Northern Light Introduces SharePoint Web Parts Collection to Embed SinglePoint Strategic Research Portal Content and Search Facilities Throughout a Company’s Intranet.” Organizations can embed SinglePoint portal content and search facilities throughout an intranet. The SinglePoint API can be used for any intranet platform, such as IBM WebSphere, Microsoft SharePoint, and Oracle Portal 11g.

Intranets tend to be a second-thought location where organizations store strategy initiatives, market research, and employee of the month photos. Because they are so easy to launch, quality is not always present. Indexing that content within an organization’s SinglePoint portal makes it all searchable.

Melody K. Smith

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