We all know where our heart is located in our body (I hope) and most of us know where our kidneys are positioned. But when you get more obscure, like say the pituitary gland, do you know where it is exactly? A new 3D body visualization site that also works like a search engine has been launched by Healthline Networks and GE Healthymagination.

This interesting piece of news was found on CNet in their article, “Search bodies in 3D with new anatomy site.” The Healthline BodyMaps site lets users mouse over male or female bodies, rotate them in 360 degrees and click on various tissues and organs. Users can also see inner systems such as muscular, neurological, and skeletal.

This Web tool was designed to increase the knowledge of our bodies and enable better decision making in regards to our health. BodyMaps is linked to Healthline’s search functions and semantic taxonomy includes over two million terms mapped to over 400,000 health concepts.

This is an interesting, educational, and even fun use of semantic technology.

Melody K. Smith