Thought Equity Motion has expanded its facilities and services to include scanning, library management, archiving, metadata, and distribution services for media.

This interesting topic was found on Sys-Con Media in their article, “Thought Equity Motion Expands Los Angeles Presence and Ecosystem Around Its Enterprise-Class Hosted Video Platform.” The company’s approach to scanning, restoration, and connectivity increases content owners’ ability to move from physical media on shelves to an open, master file digital workflow.

According to Kevin Schaff, CEO & Founder of Thought Equity Motion, “We’re enabling our partners to access the latest integrated archive and distribution capabilities. Our Platform’s technology and Wyoming-based facilities offer disruptive economics for managing content. We can cut the cost of bringing a title from the production workflow or a warehouse shelf to digital distribution by nearly half, letting media companies unlock value by putting more of their libraries to work.”

Archiving and library management are just as important when you are dealing with video as they are when you are dealing with documents.

Melody K. Smith

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