ontoprise GmbH, of Karlsruhe, Germany, has released OntoBroker 6.1 and OntoStudio 3.1 as part of the ontoprise product suite, claimed to be the only infrastructure supporting all major W3C Semantic Web recommendations, including OWL, RDF(s), RIF and ObjectLogic.

PRLog brought this news to our attention in their article, “New ontoprise Product Releases at SemTech: OntoBroker 6.1 and OntoStudio 3.1.”

OntoBroker’s performance and scalability allow for using huge and complex ontologies. The new version 6.1 further improves performance and scalability by leveraging modern multicore hardware. Semantic information integration was not left out in this new release.

The two main features of the latest OntoStudio release include the harmonization of the ontology language editing perspective and an integrated versioning component based on WebDAV. This is different from former OntoStudio releases, and users will find it easier to create and maintain ontologies.

Melody K. Smith

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