Google+ has not overtaken social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but it is turning heads. Already, hundreds of Facebook users from India are on Google+ via a beta testing phase.

Business Standard inspired this topic with their article, “Users give Google+ the big thumbs up.” I have never been a trend follower. Twitter piqued my interest in the beginning, but that wafted when it became very ad centric. I only joined Facebook a little over a year ago and my participation grew very slowly. I just recently gave up and bought a Kindle because it is easier to travel with than loads of books. However, on a side note, when your dog eats your books, it doesn’t cost near as much to replace as it will my Kindle. (Yes, he ate my Kindle.)

Somebody is going to have to give me a real solid reason to venture into yet another site that wants all my personal information. When I said this to friends recently, they started throwing out what they perceive as benefits, e.g., on Google+ it’s easier to build groups or circles of different people and you get to choose who sees what you say. That sounds like a lot of work to me. I think it goes back to the basic rules of Facebook. Don’t post anything you would be embarrassed of later.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see where this latest fad ends up. I also realize this makes me sound antiquated, but that is okay. I am at peace with my discerning approach to change.

Melody K. Smith

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