There is yet another acronym on the horizon. ABCD – The Age of Big Cloud Data. With the Web accelerating the digitization of all content (digital information was 1% of all information in 1986 but 95% today) and the creation of new digital content (from 4.5 billion gigabytes in 2000 to 1,227 billion gigabytes in 2010), there has to be room in the clouds for all this data to transition from physical to virtual.

We found this interesting topic on Smart Data Collective in their article, “The 7 Cs of the Cloud: A Big Data Taxonomy.” This transition is tearing down business and data walls, but also creating divides between information created, managed, and used by enterprises (almost all digital information pre-Web) and information created, managed, and used by consumers.

How do we bridge that divide?

Melody K. Smith

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