Quid, an analytics provider, continues to raise funding and add interested parties to their board of advisors. Their visual representations of data have interested many organizations, one of the most recent being PayPal.

Quid basically maps out a specific sector, such as biofuels or microbiological systems manufacturing, and collects an enormous amount of data for the “state” of that sector. That can include the amount of government funding handed out or the number of jobs available in the sector. By combining algorithms, visualization and people together to really understand core networks, they provide insight beyond previous business intelligence.

MediaBeat brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “Sector analytics provider Quid nets $10M, Max Levchin joins as an advisor.” Building a technology ontology to serve as a handle to explore that data provides a dimensional approach and view, whereby users can look at the data and explore the data, with different perspectives.

Melody K. Smith

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