We are experiencing an explosive growth for search engines, both open source and commercial, indexing unstructured and structured data. Distributed infrastructures for enterprise search and indexing are common, but what about the small businesses?

This interesting topic was inspired by Enterprise Apps Today and their article, “Hadoop, Big Data and Small Businesses.” Developing an infrastructure for indexing and searching large amounts of unstructured data requires significant computational power and bandwidth to storage. This can be a challenge for small businesses.

One of the reasons that people in small businesses do not want all of their data centralized and indexed is that some of their data is not meant for company-wide distribution. This is even truer if you are a public company or in the medical or legal field. Some say we are a long way from an ideal small business search and indexing solution. Maybe they should check with the folks over at Access Innovations and see what they can offer.

Melody K. Smith

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