A conference devoted to the Semantic Web will explore how media and business can focus on improving efficiencies in publishing, news and content management.

The goal of the Semantic Web is to reorganize information so users can capture what things are and how they are related. The concept of the Semantic Web reorganizing information so that users can capture what things are and their relation to others seems simple, but could have a profound effect at every level of information consumption, from the individual end user to the enterprise.

The Semantic Web marks an evolution from the document-focused World Wide Web to an environment in which shared data is processed, modified, collected and acted upon, based on structured sets of information and inference rules. The implications here are vast and changes are happening faster than we can keep up.

This news was brought to our attention by Graphics in their post, “Semantic Web Media Summit Set for September in New York City.” For more information about the conference on September 14, 2011 and to register, go to the  Semantic Web Media Summit site.

Melody K. Smith

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