With the volume of data doubling every four to six months, findability within that data has never been more important. Many are looking to indexing as the solution to this problem.

Recently, Access Innovations’ president, Margie Hlava, discussed this very problem with Steve Arnold, a technology and financial analyst, owner of ArnoldIT and writer of Beyond Search. Hlava finds her passion in the logic of algorithms. It has always fascinated her intellectual curiosity. With her 33 years in the search industry, she brings to the table the experience and knowledge to provide real solutions.

Hlava separated search into three categories: 1) fact checking, 2) discovery, and 3) updates. 95% of all searches fall into the top two categories. Hlava stated it was Access Innovations’ focus to change search into found by offering service and products to provide dynamic indexing with controlled term lists, making findability smooth and thorough.

Listen to the complete podcast here.

Melody K. Smith

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