ARINC Engineering Services, LLC sent three recognized experts in U.S. Department of Defense supply chain management to provide instruction and chair several sessions at the 2011 DMSMS & Standardization Conference this week.

Media NewsWire brought this interesting news to our attention in their article, “ARINC Specialists Will Lead Sessions at 2011 DMSMS & Standardization Conference.” The discipline of DMSMS—Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Materials Shortages—seeks to combat the effects of obsolescence on modern and legacy systems such as military weapons, vehicles, and aircraft.

William Shaw, ARINC Senior Principal Engineer, Supply Chain Management, presented an overview of his project to develop a “Universal Ontology of DMSMS Solutions Types,” sponsored by the Defense Standardization Program Office. The lack of a common ontology for the discipline of DMSMS has long been recognized as a deficiency. Of course, we value ontologies for the support and integrity they provide a document management system. So we wish them great success.

Melody K. Smith

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