Treato is a new source of medical information based on real life experiences of patients published over the social web. This new semantic-based technology was unveiled at the Health2.0 conference.

MarketWatch brought this topic to our attention in their article, “Introducing Treato: The Voice of the Patient.” The world of healthcare is constantly changing. Patients are becoming increasingly involved in their care decisions, they question professional advice instead of just accepting it at face value, they seek health related information online and compare services and experiences. This “sharing” online can create a confusing picture about medications, tests, etc.

Treato analyzes patient discussions about drugs and medical conditions on blogs and forums, aggregating them into a single, clear and highly accessible knowledge base. Tackling the complexity of health related discussions using expertise in human psychology, medical terminology and Natural Language Processing. With over a billion patient discussions already indexed, Treato is creating a common voice.

Melody K. Smith

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