The Church of the Latter-day Saints have long been the front runners in ancestry and family history. They were knee-deep in files before the average user ever heard of things like Now having more than 4,400 Family History Centers, they are opening the doors to Mormon members and non-members who are interested in finding their ancestors.

We found this interesting information in the Arizona Journal in their article, “Snowflake Family History Center Will Open Doors To The Past.” The Snowflake Family History Center in Snowflake, Arizona is one Family History Center that offers the FamilySearch program and has 2.34 billion indexed names, and an additional 312.4 million names that have not been indexed and are considered browse-only image collections.

“They are indexing all the time,” says Sandra Decker, co-director. “If it’s not there this week, look next week.” She noted that they are digitizing information church-wide, with new information available weekly.

Melody K. Smith

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