Provider of home health care coding and auditing services, Daymarck, has reacted to a statement released by the American Medical Association (AMA) where they came out against the ICD-10 conversion.

PRWeb brought this news to our attention in their article, “Daymarck Issues Statement in Response to AMA’s Opposition to ICD-10.” The AMA’s concerns were around the physician’s focus being drawn from the patient to billing. Daymarck pointed out that billing is the responsibility of certified medical cords. Medical coding requires specialized expertise and systems tailored to the regulatory requirements in which health care providers, hospitals, and doctors deliver their services. Training is very important. That is why Access Innovations, Inc. provides training to a client’s staff and then offers quality assurance and validation services that can:

  • Minimize the risk of a coding error
  • Identify inappropriate or inadvertently applied tags
  • Display a “map” of coding distributions to allow management to get a bird’s-eye view of the coding assignment flow.

Melody K. Smith

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