We all know that behind the scenes in the health care industry many people are working towards one of the biggest changes to information systems in years. That is of course, the transition to the new ICD-10 medical coding classification system. For some, this is a business opportunity that could create growth and revenue.

We found this appropriate topic on Cinncinati.com in their article, “Unlocking code to big changes.” The federally mandated switch from roughly 18,000 medical classification codes to more than 150,000 has caused anxiety for most healthcare providers because this impacts the core of a practice – their revenue.

The average patient won’t notice any difference, but those in the “biz” consider it as impactful as anyone ever thought Y2K would be. Access Innovations, developer of the M.A.I. machine assisted indexing system and specializing in complex coding, tagging, and indexing, provides a range of services that deliver tag integrity. Access Innovations provides training to a client’s staff and then offers quality assurance and validation services that can assist in minimizing the risk of a coding error and identify inappropriately applied tags.

Melody K. Smith

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