With  widespread ICD-10 implementation looming in the not so distant future, many think that providers need to put more of an emphasis on planning and organization when it comes to these types of projects.

Researchers from Georgetown University and the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton recently released a study in the journal Perspectives in Health Information Management that showed some disorganization and a lack of urgency.

Fierce Health IT brought this topic to our attention in their article, “Study: Urgency, organization lacking for providers in ICD-10 transition.” In large projects like these, Access Innovations can help. Developer of the M.A.I. machine-assisted indexing system and specialists in complex coding, tagging, and indexing, Access Innovations provides a range of services that deliver tag integrity. Access Innovations provides training to a client’s staff and then offers quality assurance and validation services that can:

  • Minimize the risk of a coding error
  • Identify inappropriate or inadvertently applied tags
  • Display a “map” of coding distributions to allow management to get a bird’s-eye view of the coding assignment flow.

Many widely used tagging systems lack a user-friendly interface and may not implement a rigorous ANSI-compliant coding subsystem. Access Innovations’ solutions are ANSI-compliant and implement state-of-the-art technology to speed tagging and reduce errors.

Melody K. Smith

Sponsored by Access Innovations, the world leader in thesaurus, ontology, and taxonomy creation and metadata application.