There seems to be a lot of buzz about Pinterest and their potential copyright debacle. The image-based social network is taking a small step toward relieving some website owners who are concerned with potential copyright violations.

This interesting information was found on Marketing Land in their article, “Pinterest Takes A Small Step Toward Fighting Copyright With Opt-Out Meta Tag.” Pinterest is supporting a “nopin” meta tag that will prevent users from pinning images directly from the site where the code is installed.

Now let me talk as an avid Pinterest user. I can’t understand why people wouldn’t want someone to share what they found. I have purchased many items from sites I found on Pinterest, and the recipes I have made from food websites and blogs are too numerous to count. Maybe I don’t understand the risk completely, but I certainly would be less inclined to visit a website twice that wouldn’t let me share what I found. Just sayin’.

Melody K. Smith

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