Gateway EDI is continuing their training and credentialing in the medical coding industry, regardless of the delay of the October 2013 deadline for complete ICD-10 transition.

PRWeb brought this to our attention in their article, “Despite Delay, it’s Still Time to Prepare for ICD-10.” Despite the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services decision to postpone the date by which certain health care entities have to implement coding with ICD-10, many industry associations have cautioned that practices should not delay preparations. It is a large undertaking and despite when the end result will come to fruition, many believe this is additional time to prepare.

Medical coding requires specialized expertise and systems tailored to the regulatory requirements in which health care providers, hospitals, and doctors deliver their services. Access Innovations, Inc., a leader in data integrity and content creation, has announced the Access Innovations Integrity Initiative (AI³), to provide tools and services for quality assurance and validation of medical coding. The system can be used to quickly and accurately validate medical coding or to locate errors in existing documentation.

Melody K. Smith

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