New England Biolabs and Academic Concept Knowledge announced their collaboration to increase the interactive content in peer-reviewed scientific literature.

This interesting information was found on MarketWatch in their article, “New England Biolabs Demonstrates Support for Interactive Scientific Literature by Collaborating with AQnowledge.” It seems that links between data and narrative are too often lost in the current format of a published paper. Reading PDFs of papers in Utopia Documents helps restore that connection by enabling links to numerous public databases, based upon semantic tagging of the text.

Utopia Documents is already used by more than 22,000 scientists to transform scientific literature in PDF format into an interactive document. The semantic tagging engine allows tools and reagents cited in the methods section to be linked to the manufacturer’s product page, as well as connecting literature to underlying public data sets. All this makes finding data faster and more comprehensive with dynamic links.

Melody K. Smith

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