The continued angst around ICD-10 coding classification transition surfaced in the monthly blog series, “ICD-10 in Real Time.” The many changes in healthcare happening at almost the same time is creating a very unique, one of a kind, perfect storm in the lives of healthcare providers.

This topic was inspired by the article, “Physician Engagement for ICD-10: Is the Doctor In? ,”found on Hospitals and Health Networks. The new ICD-10 coding classification system will have five times the number of codes to use for billing reimbursement than the current ICD-9 does. This is one major reason the anxiety levels are high.

Access Innovations’ M.A.I. machine-assisted indexing system and specialists in complex coding, tagging, and indexing can minimize the risk of coding errors with proper training and quality assurance. Many widely used tagging systems lack a user-friendly interface and may not implement a rigorous ANSI-compliant coding subsystem. Access Innovations’ solutions are ANSI-compliant and implement state-of-the-art technology to speed tagging and reduce errors.

Melody K. Smith

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