Here are two more of the exciting, in-depth case studies we have planned for you at this year’s meeting.

Semantic Enrichment and Disambiguation for AIP’s Scitation Platform: Evan Owens, CIO, Publishing, American Institute of Physics

In Spring 2013, AIP Publishing will be launching the next generation of its Scitation e-journal hosting platform on Publishing Technology’s pub2web software. All content will be semantically enriched using the new AIP Thesaurus, the development of which was described at the 2012 Data Harmony Users Group meeting. The enriched content will be used to create subject pages and enhanced search capabilities. This replaces the PACS classification scheme currently used by AIP publications.

The second new feature will be author and affiliation disambiguation, which will result in author and institutional pages on the site. This presentation will describe the workflows and interactions between the production system, semantic enrichment vendor, and hosting vendor and the architecture to manage this content and will include previews of the new platform features.

Building a Multidisciplinary Thesaurus for JSTOR: Nancy Murray, Associate Director, Metadata for JSTOR

JSTOR is a digital library of more than 1,500 academic journals, books, and primary sources. These holdings comprise a wide range of topics from the humanities to the sciences. There does not exist today one single thesaurus that holds the terms to cover all these subjects. JSTOR has a reputation for quality metadata and quality images. JSTOR brings many forces to bear on maintaining the quality of its content. So, they strive to have a JSTOR Thesaurus that will be a high-quality enhancement of their content. This presentation will cover the steps and the issues in creating the thesaurus.

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