Building a thesaurus for a digital library of more than 1,500 academic journals, 15,000 scholarly books, and other sources, is no easy task. Currently there is no one single thesaurus that holds the terms to cover all the subjects included in these collections. Nancy Murray, Associate Director, Metadata for JSTOR is taking on that challenge with the assistance of Access Innovations and Data Harmony.

As we begin a day of case studies at the 9th Annual Data Harmony Users Group (DHUG) gathering, Murray shared her experiences in this huge project, one that isn’t done yet. Subject matter experts (SMEs) are often used in the preparation of thesauri and taxonomies and Murray assured that they too will be following this pattern. “However, I already feel like we have, with the vast experience and knowledge provided by the staff of Access Innovations,” said Murray.

This is just one example of the best practice stories being shared here at the DHUG meeting. Users who are new to the Data Harmony line of products are gaining valuable knowledge as they begin their own journeys. This morning over breakfast, one fellow attendee said, “I was so excited to get here today because it is case studies all day!”

I am never that enthusiastic that early in the morning, but it was nice to know that others also find this time well spent.

Melody K. Smith

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