The Fourth Canadian Semantic Web Symposium 2013 is scheduled for July 10, 2013. The deadline for papers in all topics related to semantic web technologies and their applications is March 1, 2013. The topics cover a variety of areas, such as foundations and technology; semantic software engineering; linked data, data analytics, and big data on the semantic web; applications to science, engineering, and health; and applications to education, government, business, and society.

CSWS 2013 aims to bring together Canadian and international researchers in semantic technologies and knowledge management to discuss issues related to the semantic web. The event is part of the Semantic Trilogy 2013 featuring the following:

  • the International Conference on Biomedical Ontologies (ICBO 2013)
  • the Canadian Semantic Web Symposium (CSWS 2013)
  • Data Integration in the Life Sciences (DILS 2013)

For more information, check out this website.

Melody K. Smith

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