In earlier times, the world was slow moving and you could anticipate the next year to be much like the current year. This world is no longer slow moving; in fact, it is on warp speed as technology drives more connectivity in the moment. The Internet provides access to all. Librarians are no longer the gatekeepers of information. The entire business model of information has changed. “We are doing business at the speed of thoughts,” says Margie Hlava, president and CEO of Access Innovations. During her keynote presentation at the 9th Annual Data Harmony Users Group this week, Hlava looked back at where we’ve been while looking forward at how Access Innovations is responding to the new industries and challenges that technology has brought us.

Interesting facts were shared that may bring  you to a pause for absorption. For instance, 65% of the current preschoolers will be in a profession in their adult life that does not exist at the current time. Technology is advancing and progressing so fast that it is creating new needs on a daily basis. Are you ready?

Melody K. Smith

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