The DITA Content Management Strategies conference has added Carl Yao, CSOFT’s Executive Vice President for Global Strategy, to their roster of presenters. The convention is being held at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence April 15-17, 2013. The discussion will be around terminology management and global regulatory compliance in the Information Design & Development track.

Financial Mirror brought this information to our attention in their article, “CSOFT Selected to Speak at CMS/DITA Content Management Conference in April.”

“In this information-driven era,” said Yao, “efficiency in content management is fundamental, especially for organizations working across multiple languages and countries. More importantly, companies must maintain the equivalent of a digital paper record that tracks important content development activities, such as the creation, review, revision, translation and approval of key product terminology. It can be overwhelming for companies to simultaneously confront content development and terminology change management across languages, but properly implemented technology tools can accelerate and streamline the overall process.”

This sounds interesting if you are in the area and the calendar allows.

Melody K. Smith

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