Moving part or all of an organization’s resources into the cloud is a step that should not be taken lightly. There is much to consider and reconsider as your business needs change. Governance is about taking action to help your organization optimize and manage your systems and resources to meet your business goals.

CMS Wire brought this information to our attention in their article, “How to Maintain a Governance Strategy in the Cloud.” Experts offer some key questions professionals should ask before they make that move. Some of those are:

  • What happens to your existing reporting and metrics? Do the same KPIs apply to your new cloud components, or do they need to be reevaluated?
  • Are there any changes to your ability to manage permissions across your on-premises and cloud components? Are the methods different? Do your existing policies remain in effect, or do you need to adjust for two models?
  • Are you able to track storage usage across all sites and site collections?
  • What happens to your auditing and compliance monitoring capability? Can you still see what is being accessed, and by whom?

If you’re considering moving your information assets to the cloud, it’s worth your time to consider the questions above in preparation for this important step.

Melody K. Smith

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