In a world that is moving so fast technology-wise, it is impossible to predict what will be needed or used in a decade, score, or even a year. People and organizations employ new technologies in creative and unanticipated ways.  Unexpected developments often give new technologies their greatest value. This interesting topic was inspired by an article found on Electronic Design titled, “Data Mashups Will Make The Internet Of Things Useful.”

Mobile applications or “apps” are a perfect example of this. The often-used phrase “there is an app for that” is spot on.

There is an app that lets you take a photo of your meal and it will give you the nutritional information to monitor a healthy (or not) diet.

There is an app that simulates a dog whistle for dog training.

There is even an app that will locate the nearest public restroom for you when you just have to, well, go.

Melody K. Smith

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