Predixion¬†Software has released Predixion Enterprise Insight 3.0, which lets users create, reuse, share, and deploy predictive applications. This latest version introduces a new machine learning semantic model that makes it possible for non-technical users to take advantage of predictive analytics on their data. This interesting news was found on SQL Magazine in their article, “Predixion Enterprise Insight 3.0 Now Includes More Business Intelligence Features.”

With automation of the access and transformation of data with machine learning semantic technology, end-to-end applications can be easily developed, implemented, and maintained. This is a huge benefit when dealing with big data and storage issues.

Semantic technology requires a special knowledge of terminology and coding to reduce errors. Access Innovations, developer of the M.A.I. machine-assisted indexing system and specializing in complex coding, tagging, and indexing, provides a range of services that deliver tag integrity.

Melody K. Smith

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