Metadata’s reputation has been altered by scandal, and it may never be seen in the same light again. This is unfortunate, because metadata has many valuable traits, one of which is enabling comprehensive search results. Metadata includes information, valuable information, that many rely on for locating their data with speed and confidence.

It was not intended to be used in espionage, invasion of privacy, and ill-gotten gains. In a recent interview, Zeekly’s CEO, Jeffrey Sisk, said:

 “Many of us rely on the Internet for many things. We find information, solve problems, pursue our interests, read news, make purchases, and socially connect with like-minded people around the world. This is highly personal information. Granting access to American spy agencies to this level of information on American citizens is the most egregious assault on our constitutional rights regarding illegal search and seizure in the history of our country.”

This interesting information was found on Ciol in their article, “ protects your privacy as an alternative to Google, Yahoo and Bing.”

Melody K. Smith

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