There are challenges to using metadata to leverage big data. There are limitations of analytics. With these obstacles, how does your organization stay agile?

Bill Miller, the new CIO at Broadcom Corp, addresses some of this in his interview with SearchCIO Innovator:

“I think that what you have to do is you have to segment your data to some degree. The actual data that we store associated with any particular simulation run, may only be of interest to a couple of engineers working on that circuit. But the metadata, the larger picture of what our simulation profile around the globe in a year looks like, is very interesting to the VPs of engineering, and the product line heads, who want to know what all the resources required are to deliver a particular chip, or technology. So, if you can segment that data and use it for analytic purposes, you don’t need to get that down to the lower layers of the data.”

Tech Target brought this news to our attention in their article, “Using metadata to leverage big data and foster business agility.” The full interview is interesting and worth your time to read.

Melody K. Smith

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