Several of the Access Innovations’ staff are still out and about as they wind up 2013. Check out these learning opportunities that just might be in your own neighborhood.

Margie Hlava, President, and Jay Ven Eman, Chief Executive Officer, are both attending the Innovations Seminar in London on December 4, 2013, of which Access Innovations is also an event sponsor. Margie will be participating on a panel that is addressing the question – What’’s New in Semantic Enrichment?

Margie Hlava will also be at the 56th Military Libraries Workshop in Huntsville, Alabama on December 7-9, 2013 where she will be facilitating the workshop, Big Data Content Organization, Discovery, and Management”. The workshop summary is:

In March 2012, the Obama Administration announced the National Big Data Research and Development Initiative­a major step toward addressing the challenge and opportunity of “Big Data.” Big Data are data sets so large, complex, or rapidly-generated that they can’t be processed by traditional information and communication technologies. Every day, decision makers, resource managers, engineers, first-responders, scientists, and citizens are faced with a multitude of constantly flowing data streams coming from many sources, in many formats. Making sense of these volumes of Big Data requires cutting-edge tools and technologies that can analyze and extract useful knowledge from vast and diverse streams of information. How is it managed, curated, served?

Learning Objective. Discover the challenges posed when attempting to make sense of huge amounts of digital data Big Data using a case study approach drawn from the presenter’s work with military, homeland security, and intelligence agencies.

Learning Outcome. Comprehend what is meant by “Big Data” and understand some of the tools and techniques used to access and apply the information contained in these huge data sets, particularly the role of taxonomies, thesauri, and ontologies used to organize, discover, and manage content.

Melody K. Smith

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