Lymba Corporation has partnered with CRM Evangelist to launch PowerAgent for Salesforce. PowerAgent uses artificial intelligence algorithms that learn and improve with use over time.

This interesting topic was brought to us from in their article, “Lymba Corporation Announces Partnership with CRM Evangelist.”

“We are excited to be introducing so many innovations in a single product. PowerAgent simultaneously reduces contact center agent workload, while improving customer experience.”  Christine Nezda, Director of Engineering at Lymba, continues, “Leveraging the power of Cloud computing, PowerAgent is not only cost-effective, but also highly scalable, capable of automatically processing well over 100,000 incoming customer emails per day.”

Using advanced natural language processing, PowerAgent can determine both customer sentiment and the language of incoming emails, resulting in more personalized and accurate responses.

Semantic technology continues to evolve and be used in a variety of applications. It has never been more important to have someone with the expertise and knowledge handling your content, developing your taxonomies, and making your information findable.

Melody K. Smith

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