If you are a Pinterest fan, then this might excite you more than most. As you may know, often there is a photo of some delectable dish or inventive craft that leads you to nowhere. It is only an image, with no recipe, no instructions, and no way to duplicate. This can be very frustrating, as that is the entire point of Pinterest, and they know it. They are working to track down the source of a given photo by partnering with Getty Images and their substantial metadata collection.

This interesting news came to use from The Verge in their article, “Pinterest will start telling users where their favorite photos came from in Getty partnership.”

Pinterest describes the partnership as a way to give users better information about what they’re pinning. Of course, other big winners are the image owner and the investor who sees Pinterest as a prime advertising platform.

It is nice to see metadata being used as it was originally intended, and not always tied to nefarious schemes by the men in black.

Melody K. Smith

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